About Us

Who Are We?  (please see the Sports Performance link above for information on 2 The Max Training!)

No Bounds Wellness is not a health club or big box gym. This is personal studio fitness taught in smallish groups.  In some circles, this would be called a boot camp; others, Group Ex — it certainly does resemble a boot camp many days but this is not group ex like you get at big gyms or places like the YMCA.  No canned stuff here. We write new sessions every single day and the only repeats will be periodic benchmarks. Our workouts can be tailored in real time to any level of fitness, ages 9-90. Movements scale naturally, allowing you to adjust to your fitness level and desired intensity. You should NOT consider loss of energy, strength, flexibility and mobility as the “new normal” as you age! It’s time to be vibrantly alive! Let’s get moving again!  #LiveLifeLivelier!

What Do Our Sessions Look Like?

Most sessions are targeted for 12 to 22 minutes of “workout” sandwiched between a dynamic movement based warmup and stretching based cooldown.  We strive to help you master fluid body movement, sometimes with bodyweight alone, sometimes aided by simple implements such as battling ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls and other simple, portable tools.  

Where Are Sessions Held?  — note, we’re in transition here…!!

Sessions will be held through the year at both our studio in Cedarburg adjacent to Chay’s Tae Kwon Do and at our partner location – 2 The Max Training on Washington Ave in Cedarburg.  We will be fully moved over to 2 The Max in early 2016.   Contact us if you’d like to come in and preview a session.

About Coach Jim

Jim Esten’Coach Jim .. assessments over, let's play!s journey through the fitness world started as a record setting high school distance runner in the 70s. After graduating, Jim returned to coach runners and has been coaching young athletes in some capacity ever since. In recent years, Jim’s focus has turned from sport specific to athletic performance coaching for teen athletes with special emphasis on injury prevention and work with adults over 40.  Jim is a strong proponent of functional movement and a holistic, healthy lifestyle to turn the aging process from something to be feared into a joy to be vibrantly experienced.  Now in his early 50s and in perhaps the best shape of his life, Jim is a certified group fitness and boot camp instructor and owner of  No Bounds Wellness where he teaches group and private classes. He resides in Cedarburg, WI with wife Caryn and 7 of their 8 amazing children (the oldest, a couple years away from home now, graduated from UW-Madison in May 2015 and is serving in Namibia,  Africa on a 2 year assignment with the Peace Corps).




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