A Year Behind Us! Onward!

As we enter our second year at our studio adjacent to Chay’s Tae Kwon Do, seems a good time to step back and re-commit to a few things.  We’re not a big box gym, not a franchise.  We’re here to help people get on track and stay on track with a healthy lifestyle.  Note, a lifestyle, not a one time fix that can’t be sustained.  If you’ve been down that road before, know that there is a better way.  A way you can live with.  We’re definitely NOT a lot of things and DON’T promote a lot of things you might expect.  We DO have some pretty strong opinions on a few topics though .. so, in the interest of providing some clarity about what some folks already know but about which others might be curious, here’s a sampling of the way we do things to help you #LiveLifeLivelier!

 red_x  Pills, supplements, shakes,

wraps, powders, etc ….

 green_check  Commitment to take care

of our bodies without the aid

of unsustainable shortcuts

 red_x  Fad diets  green_check  Commitment to move toward

a healthy balance of real food

 red_x Boring machines  green_check Commitment to our body being the

most important implement but using

simple accessories to keep things fresh

and interesting

 red_x  Explicit lyrics  green_check  Commitment to family friendly music

at all times

 red_x  Dancing  green_check  Okay, this one is a little fuzzy. If we feel

the beat and it works, of course we want

to honor serendipity but this is not

canned choreography

 red_x One size fits all  green_check  Every session is intend to be accessible

to a diverse audience and everyone is

always encouraged to work at their own

pace, range of motion and level of intensity.

And we do this in the context of a supportive

community.  The only person you compete

with is yourself. Flowers in a garden don’t

compete, they all just bloom.

 red_x  Long workouts that take

you away from your family

 green_check  Double bonus .. first, all sessions are max

30 minutes and even in that 30 minutes, you

are encouraged to bring your kids to train

with you

 red_x  Complicated contracts  green_check  Unlimited classes and every package is a

family package – couples highly encouraged

to train together and if your kids are old

enough to participate, bring ’em!

It is a simple and sustainable formula.  Move your body with a fair degree of intensity for about 30 minutes a minimum of 2-3 time a week.  Take time to recover when your body needs it but try to never take 3 days in a row off. Get the rest your body needs – maybe that’s 5-6 hours, maybe you need 8.  Spend time on your relationships – family and friends. Spend time, daily if possible, in the classroom of silence with your Creator.  Fuel all of your activity with real food. It doesn’t have to be organic, but sometimes that helps. Realize that stuff in boxes, bags and cans in the grocery store that can stay on shelves for months generally can only do that with the aid of stuff you can’t pronounce and though perhaps edible, can hardly be called food.

Do you need to get back on track? Do you want to surround yourself with like minded folks who want to keep on track?  Do you want to model a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for your kids?  Click the contact link above .. let’s get you not in the fast lane, but on steady journey to vibrant health …. and #LiveLifeLivelier!

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