30 Pounds in 2 Weeks!

Yes, that’s right .. for those looking to drop that excess weight, there seems to be a shortcut!  No changes to your diet required. No exercise…..

Come on .. I find it a little absurd that anyone actually believes that stuff when they hear it on the radio, see it on TV or read it online or in a magazine.  Play the scenario out in your head. Does anything in life really work like this… okay, so you’re, say, 40ish years old and while you know you’re a little out of shape you’re not a scale watcher so don’t really know what that number might be. You go in for a physical and find that not only have you let yourself get away from that athletic build you sported into your first couple years of college, but you’ve also put on quite a few pounds. Does you doctor give you a 2 week deadline to turn the clock back twenty years? Of course not.  Oh, you might actually be able to take off that many pounds in a couple weeks, but the adverse side effects would be staggering. I think the analogy is a car going 60 miles and hour and comes to a sudden stop. Oh sure, there are ways .. but the results are less than pretty.

Dose of reality … the good news is you can indeed, in a sense, turn back the clock.  Your body, given the right treatment is generally willing to heal itself and if you enjoyed vibrant health in your early twenties and have no underlying serious medical issues, you can absolutely have a reasonable expectation to have that vibrant health restored.  It does, however, take some work. You must move your body with some level of intensity fairly frequently. You must move toward a pattern of food intake that makes actual food the dominant means of fueling that activity. You must get a meaningful amount of rest – sleep is an essential component not just to recover, but to even out stress levels and in turn balance hormone levels. And although not always included, I find it not insignificant to make peace with the big life questions. For many, the spiritual life fills this void but for too many, it doesn’t have a prominent enough slice of the pie.  The questions are universal and while it may not matter so much HOW you work through them, it almost certainly is important THAT you work through them.  Shortcuts? Nope.  Make the commitment, stick to what you promised to do.

If there is any magic at all, it is to be found in some rather curious things that were probably second nature to your grandparents.  But even those .. such as say, drinking a little apple cider vinegar every day, aren’t quite so strange if you think them through  (BTW, if you’ve actually tried apple cider vinegar and decided that there’s just no way .. click HERE for a quite yummy recipe for it .. almost like drinking a cocktail!!).

I was that 40ish guy over a decade ago.  Today at 52 I keep a pace that I doubt my 26 year old self, then fresh off from almost five years a military service, could match.  It took years to put things back on track.  But looking back, I used up a decade and a half letting myself slide into miserable health. Hardly logical to think I could undo that in a short time!  But I did and you can too!

Ready to turn it around? Join us … surround yourself with a community of folks just like yourself who have decided that pain, stiffness, lack of mobility and carrying around extra weight are not simply the result of adding years.  You deserve better. Your family deserves better. And we’re here to help. Come on in and let’s talk about getting you back on the path to vibrant health.  You can Live Life Livelier!

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