3 Magical Months!

We’re getting ready to close out another year!  Was it the year you planned? Did you set any goals?  If so, did you crush them or did they crush you?  It is, of course, the thing to do as the new year rolls in … make some resolutions. happynewyear About half of us make them … less than 10% of those stick with them.  Many revolve around health/wellness/fitness which makes it rather sad when we give up.  Mostly we can trace falling off the resolution wagon to just a few things. First and foremost, we either set up an unrealistic goal or we set a goal with no plan to get to it.  Second, we take what we think is a bold action, but it doesn’t actually get us closer to the goal.  The poster child example hear is getting a health club membership.  A membership card isn’t going to get you any closer to any goal unless there is some action that follows. (this, incidentally, takes us back to number one … no plan … many folks wander into that health club and don’t know what they should do — or at least not as it relates to a goal — so they climb onto a treadmill and well .. really?  If you want to go for a walk, at least get some fresh air and enjoy some scenery!  Third, we try to attack a problem area with no support system.  People are engineered for community. It is the rare bird who can sustain a challenging endeavor going it alone.

How about a different approach?  Rather than the same crazy resolution that you haven’t kept for the last how many years,  plan for a year of tweaks.  There are quite literally dozens of lifestyle changes you can (and likely should…) take to look and feel better.  Let’s start with  just 3 months … attack them month by month. At the 3 week mark, we often have the foundation of a habit. Start each month with a small goal .. focus hard on it for 3 weeks. Somewhere along the way, it won’t feel like work anymore and it just becomes part of your life.  Start planning for the next month!

January — Get moving again!  No, don’t go join a health club unless you’ve got a solid plan for what to do once you walk in.  Commit to doing something with intensity every other day .. take two days off when you need them but not a third day in a row. Try NOT to miss a Monday.  Want an easy way to do this with someone else setting up your workouts and surrounding yourself with like minded supportive folks? Join us!   🙂  (you can get some info on how to do that HERE)

February – Get more sleep.  More for you might mean getting 7 hours instead of 6.  Most of us need more sleep than we get but we’re all wired differently so telling you that you should get 8 1/2 hours of sleep a day may or may not be right for you.  Bottom line .. we need restorative rest.  Make a conscious effect to improve.

March – Give up soda.  No, I didn’t say switch to diet soda. Truth be told, the diet soda may actually be worse for you than the regular stuff.  One of those very well known colas does a marvelous job of shining pennies and toilet bowls — that should give you some pause about letting it loose on your body.

We’ll come back and revisit this in mid March and tee up another 3 months!

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