Tuesday, April 28th

Happy Tuesday!! Legs, Glutes & Core for the morning sessions ….

45/15 x 3 rounds plus a 3 minute finisher

walklikebabygiraffe1.  Dumbbell Goblet Squat + Pulse
2.  Plank Dumbbell Drag

3.  Frog Hops

4.  V-Sit Alternating Claps

5.  Grid Duck Walk with Wide Side Strides

6.  Spider Climber


Monday, April 27th

circuit-visualCircuit day!!  We’re going to do a throwback circuit this week and pull out a few toys you may not have seen in a while along with some of our old school favorites… here are the stations!  1 minute on station x 2 rounds

1.  On the mini rebounder .. 2 in/2 out

2. Cage bag bear crawl drag

3.  Super hula hoop4_28

4.  Rowing .. tension provided via resistance bands

5.  Skateboard pikes OR crunches

6.  Bosu side/side pushups

7.  Heavy ball squat and press

8.  Agility ladder (movement TBD at setup time!)

9.  Landmine squats

10.  Jump rope

11.  Riser side travel stepovers

12.  V-Sit med ball figure 8s

Friday, April 24th

Change of plans .. we were originally going to repeat our January benchmark this Friday but we’ll do that ouhowmanytside of the regular sessions.  See me to set up a time if you want to take (or do the next…) benchmark

For Friday .. we’re going to move back and forth along a fixed length (straps, bars .. etc…)

1 minute each, we’ll rest 30 seconds between each move and do 3 rounds

1.  Side shuttle with floor touch on each end

2.  Pushups at ends, traveling plank between

3.  Squats at ends, side duck walk between

4. Forward and backward bear crawl (nothing special on the ends!)

5.  Burpee at ends and middle, side jumps between

Thursday, April 23rd

Thursdays are something of a wildcard day in the current programming schedule .. so .. I’m designating Thursdays a fun day that anything can happen!!

Here’s the plan … we’re going to play along to the format of the 4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp class … but … the selections for the 4 sequences will be luck of the draw… we’ll change up the “real” tabata class and use this for all three of the Thursday sessions!

We’ll draw 4 cards from a standard deck of playing cards… 1 for each sequence…queenofhearts

Any ace or face card (regardless of suit) = Burpees !

Any heart = Squats!

Any diamond = Pushups!

Any spade = Skater Jumps

And club = Grid Duck Walks

Wednesday, April 22nd

Our still world famous (really!) “20 in 20″ is on the menu again for the Wednesday sessions!  ropeman

Format — 30 seconds on the ropes and 30 seconds rest .. rest because we want you to go full out on your 30 of work!

Here are the movements on tap …

1. Alternating wave

2.  Uppercuts

3.  Ski Jumpers

4. Bicep Curls

5.  Low Stance Speed Wave

6. 2 Hand Grappler Toss

7.  Left Hand Corkscrew

8.  Right Hand Corkscrew

9.  Jockey

10. Wide Alternating Wave

11. Jacks

12. Circles

13. In and Outs

14. Infinity

15. Up & Backs

16. Seated Eagle

17. Side Wave – Left Facing

18  Side Wave – Right Facing

19. Sweep


Tabata Tuesday – 4/21/15

We’ll rewind the cancelled session from last Thursday! Here is the lineup for this week’s Tuesday edition of the 4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp

UPPER BODY – Hi/Lo Plank Up-Downs4x4x4tabatabootcamp

LOWER BODY – 1/4 Turn Squat Jumps

CORE – Hip Dips

FULL BODY – Sprawls

Tabata night is a fun one to do a free preview!! Click the image to the right and let us know you’ll be joining us!