Last week I announced this but we’re bumping the dates by a week as I may not be back from a distant soccer tourney (betting on the team to win all 3 prelim games and play a final game in St Louis Sunday afternoon!!) in time for the Sunday night sessions and have a church commitment on Monday.  So here again is the article .. this is some really key stuff for parents of teen athletes. Lets’ do what we can to equip ourselves with knowledge about the risks and how to mitigate them!

As the parent of at least a couple pretty promising athletes, having been a minor big fish in a small pond once upon a time myself and having coached youth sports in one form or another for about three decades, I’d say I have a bit of an edge looking into the crystal ball and deciding how likely it was a kid was going to get hurt at some point competing in whatever happens to be their sport du jour.  While we can’t truly predict much of anything in this world,

stock-illustration-28828720-fitness-and-sport-iconsthere are certainly more than a few telltale signs that a young athlete is on a dicey path with regards to suffering a injury.  Maybe it’s pain they can (“should” is another topic…) play through or maybe it is a season ending injury. Maybe it involves medical intervention, even surgery.  Wouldn’t a little advance intel be helpful??

Here’s the deal … every parent with a young athlete that plays with any sort of reasonable intensity (and in this neck of the woods, they all do, right?) should have some awareness of their athletes general strengths and weaknesses.  But what about that stuff that most won’t recognize?  Maybe the coaches see it and maybe they don’t. We focus an awful lot these days on sport specific technical and tactical skills.  Though a few coaches  try to put some teeth behind making sure the kids are better rounded athletes, it tends to be a the last few minutes or training and little to no attention is paid to the mechanics of the exercises.

What if you could know a little more?  What if getting that info was free?  I wan’t to help you.  The evenings of November 9th-11th, I will be running injury risk assessments (IRA) for teen athletes.  These are free.  Athlete (with parent input) completes a brief survey and goes through a 20 minute series of about a dozen exercises.  A day later parents receive a report pointing out strengths and weakness with some recommendations on how to maximize the strengths and how to address the weakness.  Interested?  Complete the form below.  I’ll send you a link to sign up for a specific time block in the evening on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday (if those times don’t work for you, we’ll figure something else out!) and a survey to complete and bring in.  Simple. Quick. Free.

Okay, while much of my focus has moved toward working with older adults (folks in the general neighborhood of 40-70 give or take…), I’m still a (somewhat on the old side) dad with a 3 year old daughter and a very vested interest in the health and welfare of young athletes, particularly teen athletes. Folks, we continue to see an epidemic of youth sports injuries — many of which should not happen. Among teenage girls alone, knee injuries not caused by any sort of contact are just out of control.

That’s the bad news and you probably don’t need to go to far in your own circle of friends to find a young athlete with a fairly serious injury. But here is the good news, we can dramatically lower the risk of non contact injuries by properly educating young athletes in correct movement patterns and training specifically for flexibility, agility and strength. Recent studies have shown the risk to decrease by 70% or more simply by doing the right things in the off season AND not leaving them behind during the season.

Let’s start to fix this now. Here’s the deal. 30 minute sessions, 2 times a week. November – February. Up to 3 athletes per session. For something of this scale, you might quite reasonably expect fees as high as $1200 or more. However, this is personal. I have teenage athletes at home and will for some time to come. Through the end of this month, register your athlete for this off cropped-logo.pngseason program for only $199. After November 1st, the price will jump to a more sensible $279. (Note — parents who are already part of our regular programs know that your kids are included in your program — bring them along to your sessions which we will ensure are a good replacement for the semi private sessions at no additional cost .. this applies to new members as well so maybe it’s time for mom and dad to get back in the game too!)

For further information and to set up an initial 20 minute assessment session for your athlete, please complete the form below.

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