A WOD in the Park Returns!!


We’re gearing up for a 3rd summer celebrating our beautiful local parks!! Twice a week, all summer long .. and it is absolutely FREE!!  Join us for a 30 minute session every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm.  And bring the kiddos .. we’ll only choose venues that have a playground area close by!

Like our studio sessions, the workouts scale naturally so whether you’re just starting back on the path to healthy or you are a competitive athlete, you’ll not just get a great workout in only 30 minutes, you’ll have some fun too!

Here’s the only catch … we don’t plan TOO far ahead.  So .. if you want to join us, you’ll need to check in here or follow us on Facebook to get the locations for the week!  Okay, not much of a catch.  You can find that HERE

Questions welcome, RSVPs appreciated!!! Drop us a note below….









Evening Tabata – 5/21/15

This is the last session for a few days .. we’re taking Friday and Monday off from the studio and enjoying the long 4x4x4tabatabootcampholiday weekend.  Although Sunday and Monday look a little dicey, there should be plenty of more seasonal weather than we’ve been seeing so get out and grab some fresh air!!

Here is tonite’s quartet….

1.  Cross Body Mountain Climbers

2.   a.  Body Saw   b. Superman Swimmer (alternate every work block)

3.  Dumbbell Thrusters

4.  Squat Side Hops

Thursday, May 21st

We’ll wind up the week with a quartet of tabatas …. alternating between exercises on the 20 second work blocks…

1a. Plank Jack   1b.  Power Jack20150521

2a.  Back Lunge Pulse  (left leg back)  2b.  Back Lunge Pulse (right leg back)

3a.  High Plank Sitouts   3b.  V-Sit Foot Taps

4a.  Side Jump Burpee   4b.  Seal Jack

Summer Schedule Begins June 1st!

Summer Schedule Begins June 1st!

We are making a few tweaks for the summer … 2 early morning sessions every weekday .. 5:15 and 5:45, a 6 week conditioning program to prepare teen athletes for their best fall season ever and we’ll suspend the late evening in studio tabata for the summer, replacing it with our free “A WOD in the Park” .. now in its third year!

Here’s the new lineup starting June 1st!  Registration for programs is HERE

Early Morning Weekdays 5:15 and 5:45 am

Power up your day with 30 minutes.  Cardio machines might get you tired, but they don’t do so well at making you STRONG!  Fresh sessions every day. No explicit lyrics.  Circuits on Mondays, Legs and core on Tuesdays, Battling Ropes every Wednesday.  Unlimited to all members. Drop ins just $5

                           ***Teen Summer Conditioning Camp 6:30-7 am 6/15-7/24*** — more info and registration is  HERE

Later Mornings      M-F  10:30 am — limited spaces, by daily RSVP only!!

This one is for the ladies!! Any workout can get you tired .. THRIVE! is meant to burn fat and build toned muscle – put those curves where you WANT them in just 30 minute sessions.  A new and fresh workout every time and never explicit lyrics in the playlists!

This session is by RSVP only and limited to 6 participants.  RSVP online at web site by 9 am daily.  Unlimited to all members. Drop ins just $5

Late Evening Tabata will return in the fall…

Until then, watch the web site for our FREE Tuesday and Thursday evening “A WOD in the Park”!! First sessions will be Tuesday, June 16th .. 7 pm at Willowbrook Park in Cedarburg

Evening Tabata – 5/20/19

wannatabataTabata with ropes tonite!!

Here is the quartet….

1. 2 Hand “3 Tall and Sprawl”

2.  Tidal Wave

3.  Kneeling Eagle

4.  Side Throwdowns (alt sides each 20…)

Wednesday, May 20th

Wednesday is ropes day and we’re going to keep it kicked up as we head into the holiday weekend!

Pairs on each rope .. one rests, one swings/spins/jumps/slams/etc …. 35 second blocks continuous for 3 rounds.

1. Up and Backs

2. 2 Hand 3x Tall and Sprawl

3.  2 Hand Narrow to Wide Jacks

coiledrope4.  Left Side Slam

5.  Right Side Slam

6.  Tidal Wave

7.  Straight Slams

Repeat for a total of three rounds.