Thrive! Begins March 17th

Another class is coming to No Bounds Wellness .. this one is directed towards the ladies…  You are anything but ordinary, so why settle for ordinary workouts!!  Stop just surviving .. it is time for you to THRIVE!

We’ve known for a number of years now that longer workouts are simply not necessary and in fact, low to moderate intensity cardio for long periods (think .. 35+ minutes…) actually can trigger a fat retaining mechanism in your body. Running (at least 97% of the “running” I see here in town), treadmills, ellipticals and so on ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.  How about something that takes half the time and isn’t so mind numbing!


=> short sessions, in and out in under 30 minutes

=> burn fat, tone and sculpt muscle to put the curves in the right places!

=> build functional strength and endurance

=> eliminate burnout — every workout is new!

=> no worries about offensive lyrics in soundtracks .. I mean really, is that necessary?

=> accessible to the “choreographically challenged”  (we don’t dance… we’d like to but pretty hard to do everything above if your workout is just dancing .. love the stuff, but it just isn’t enough for what you really want to accomplish!)


=> 12 to 22 minutes of workout bookended by a dynamic warmup and a stretching cooldown

=> work with ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls as the “go-to” tools

=> everything adaptable to YOUR level of fitness .. go gentle or go full out beast mode .. you’re only completing with yourself!

THRIVE! will begin on March 17th .. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11 am at our studio.

Signup will open on Wednesday, March 4th.  $24.95/month for THRIVE! or become a regular studio members (details HERE) and have access to all of our class AND access to private 1 on 1 and pairs training.

Questions?  Click the contact us link above or catch up we me at the studio!

Tuesday, March 3rd (Core x3 + Tabata Bootcamp)

4 classes on the schedule for Tuesday .. regular group at 5:15 am, 6 am and 8:45 pm, with the Tabata only session at 8:15 pm.  Here are the sessions!!  (the 2 private sessions scheduled for Tuesday will be doing a blend of both of today’s workouts!)  And remember, first Tuesday .. that means we have a guest speaker!!  See HERE for details!

Regular groups doing core this week ..

45/15 x 2 rounds  — A movements are STANDING this week!  No planks! (Tammie — we’ll give your elbows a break!)

1a and 1b:  Straight leg side crunch (hand behind head, leg lift to side, crunch motion elbow toward like with contraction of obliques on crunch side while getting a nice stretch on the other side).  One round right, the next to the left.

2a and 2b: Straight leg front raise, arms begin overhead and then try to touch as far down lifted leg as you can .. aim for very controlled movement, especially while lowering the leg. First right, then left.

3.  Alternating torso rotation with med ball held with extended arms level forward

4a and 4b: One legged woodcutters (with med ball), First right, then left.

5.  High knees run in place – consciously bring hips forward to engage core — we do not want the lift to come from the lower back on these — core and glutes!!


And here are the 4 Tabata sequences for the 8:15 class.  We’ll go with the 2 exercises per sequence format.

1.  Pushups and Sprawls

2.  Jumping Jacks and Total Body Extensions

3.  V-Sit Peddles and V-Sit Pushdowns

4.  Squats and Burpees

When You Have “Those” Days

I get it .. some days, you just cannot make it to your workout.  Schedule goes wacko, someone gets sick, you’re stuck on the road and limited to what you can do in a hotel room, etc.  When this happens, folks often contact me and I assemble a hotel room friendly workout.  Sometimes this works fine, but confession time .. when I don’t get one of our regular workouts in, I often turn to a canned program for help.  Over on the right hand side, you see my 4 “go-to” programs when I need a session and just don’t feel like writing one for myself.  The tagline for most of this stuff in the infomercials is “just press play” … well, sounds pretty compelling, but we all know how easy it is to get caught up in other things when we don’t have the group to keep us accountable.  Once in a while? Sure, we can do that, but as the meat and potatoes every day stuff, it probably won’t happen.

So here’s the deal .. I’m just gonna let my cats out of the bag .. you know I’m getting results and it is really in large part to the stuff we do together.  But that’s not the whole story and you probably suspected that all along.  I have a few packages I rely on for those days and I recommend it highly … click the images to see what a couple of my favorites can do for you!


We Bring in March Like A …. Penguin?

I suppose given that we’re seeing double digit temps here in southeast Wisconsin for the first day in a whnbwlogoile might cause one to call this entry into March as one that came in like a lamb (which doesn’t bode well for the end of the month!), but dang it has been cold lately so I’m thinking something more like a polar bear or better, a penguin cuz I just like penguins.  Maybe we can take it out like a lamb at the end of the month!

We’ve got some exciting things on tap for March … let’s get right to the good stuff!!

Tuesday, March 3rd we continue our free wellness awareness series, welcoming Integrative Health Coach Ali Zang in for a talk.  More details HERE.


Also on March 3rd we add another class to the lineup … on Tuesday and Thursday evening we’ll serve up the 4x4x4 Tabata Boot Camp from 8:15-8:45 pm.  4 Tabata sequences, 4 minutes each, covering 4 target areas of the body.  Come to 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sequences!  $5 drops ins or grab a membership and have unlimited access to every class on the schedule — and private sessions too!

Coming mid month (but still working out a few details) will be a mid morning session called “Thrive”.  This one is targeted a folks who are already doing a lot of cardio and realize that just doing cardio without doing strength work is, well, a bit counterproductive!  The class will run 10:30-11 am and feature most prominently our signature ropes workouts.  We’ll begin this on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting March 17th.

March special offer — all NEW memberships in the 4 month pack will get an extra month and if they come from a referral, the referring member will get a 20% discount on their own next renewal.

Last up .. early warning for April .. as some of you know, I am also a Beachbody coach and will be firing up a Beachbody challenge for April.  This will begin on Friday, April 3rd.  I will push out some further details later this week, but in a nutshell.  21 day focused program includes a private Facebook group for me to provide interactive coaching and to help you be accountable, a month of Beachbody membership, choice of a Beachbody program and a starter supply of Shakeology to help get the nutrition side of the equation in good shape.  On top of that, challenge participants have FREE access to all studio classes from the time they sign up all the way through the 21 day challenge with an option to renew in the studio at a discounted rate (current members will have their existing term extended to get the equivalent of that free block).  Look for the rollout of this later in the week!

Spring is on the way .. it has been a long and rather cold winter. Not a lot of snow really, but we certainly had our share of cold. Soon the flowers will start pushing through the grounds, we’ll see buds on the free and temps will start the rise. With that, out comes the shorts, tshirts and tank tops.  Don’t be afraid to show a little skin!  You can begin see noticeable results in just a few weeks. Yes, it takes a little discipline and hard work but the payoff goes way beyond a little less jiggle!  Live life livelier!  Join us TODAY!

Monday, March 2nd

We’ll lead off the week with a top to bottom 4 station boot camp workout … squat_sil

50/10 .. we’ll go a 4 complete runs through the stations and then do a group finisher.  Rest as needed but no more.

1.  Step toe taps (soccer taps)

2.  Goblet squats using kettlebell or dumbbell, alternating with 90 degree turn to lunges (squat, right face and lunge, left face and squat, left face and lunge, right face and squat …….)

3.  Med ball seated Russian twist .. for greater challenge, keep heels off the floor!

4.  Side to side Bosu pushups

Finisher — 3x3x3  3 exercises, 3 reps at a time each, 3 minutes run time

1.  Burpee   2.  Squat Jack  3.  5 yard lateral shuttle

Friday, February 27th (with Thursday night preview)

circuit-visualOur free Thursday night preview of the new Tabata Bootcamp class which comes online next week will NOT run tonite, but we’ll do our weekly circuit using a modification of the standard 4 minute Tabata protocol.

20/10 x 4 rounds at each station .. clock will continue to run in 20/10 format, rest as needed but no more as your transition station to station.  We’ll have a mix of pure body weight stations and implement assisted stations.  All body weight stations will be a pair of exercises — alternate them, doing 2 of each.

Try to get to each station at least once .. depending on how and when you catch a rest, you might be able to get 3 or 4 stations into a second round.


1.  Low Plank / Hip Dip

2.  Dumbbell Thrusters

3.  Plank Jacks / Superman Swimmers

4.  Bear Crawl Ball Roll

5.  Elevated Mountain Climber /  “dixie cup” lateral shuttle

6.  Jump Rope

7.  Suspension Squat Jumps

8.  Plank Rope Reel — alternate arms