Class Schedule Adjustment

Due to most of the initial demand being focused in the very early morning, we’re collapsing the 2 mid morning sessions in a single session from 10:30-11.  I also determined that an end time of 11:20 didn’t quite work for my mid day school pickup!  If there is demand warranting a pair of classes, we’ll take another look at that mid morning block.  This session will be a slightly nuanced version of the early morning workout. Early morning will have a bit more cardio focus, mid morning tweaked slightly toward strength.

Evening Sessions Begin Tonite!

With the early and mid morning programs off and running, we’re ready to fire up the first evening sessions.  Beginning this week, a Tuesday evening session will be part of our regular class calendar — it will mirror the early morning sessions in format.  7:15 -7:45 pm

Day 1 in the Books!

Thanks to all who came to the grand opening first day sessions!  Nice big groups at 5:15 and 6 am .. wow!! I’m impressed!  For those making this a daily thing, a few programming notes …

Monday/Wednesday/Friday will be full body days .. no particular focus .. expect upper and lower body and some core work.

Tuesdays will be legs and glutes (and you get a little core in all of that!)

Thursdays will be arms and shoulders.

Obviously, the types of things we do tend to lend themselves to full body workouts, but we will nuance things a big on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We crank it back up at 5:15 Tuesday morning and we will start our Tuesday evening sessions (7:15 pm) this week as well!